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Un Torpe en Casa



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  • Business
    • B - Lumsden, Distrito Southland, Nueva Zelanda
    • C - Nokomai Road, RD3, Lumsden, Southland, Distrito So
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Nokomai Valley Accommodation is a recent addition to the Station. It gives visitors to Nokomai an opportunity to experience high country farm life and take advantage of the activities like hiking, mountain bike, etc.


Located in Northern Southland, Nokomai Helicopters is owned and operated by James Hore who is well acquainted with both the local area and further a field. With two generations of mountain flying experience and the highest attainable civil aviation certification along with intimate local knowledge of the stunning local scenery guarantees a safe and totally memorable experience.

Nokomai Helicopters provides meticulously maintained helicopters and vehicles, highly trained friendly pilots with specialist equipment for a diverse range of commercial, agricultural and tourism services.


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Nokomai Valley

Fishing Lodge

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Region / State:
Nokomai Road, RD3, Lumsden, Southland
Ann/ Brian Hore
Ann/ Brian Hore
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2012-11-28 21:56:42

Nokomai Station is a high country sheep and cattle station situated one hour drive from Queenstown and Te Anau. Nokomai was first settled in 1857 by Donald Cameron, a Scottish settler, and is currently owned by the Hore family.

Nokomai is one of the larger properties in New Zealand and is well known for both its farming and gold mining history. Another feature is the Mataura River, a world famous trout fishing river, which winds its way through the southern end of the property.

Nokomai Valley Accommodation is a recent addition to the Station. It gives you the opportunity to come and experience Station life yourself as well as take advantage of the great variety of activities available.

Activities include fishing, mountain biking, hiking, horse riding, or take advantage of Nokomai Helicopters and plan a day excursion back-country fishing or visit Milford Sound or other destinations. The choice is yours.

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